Rainbow Warrior III tests the waters

Photo | September 19, 2011

This weekend, Greenpeace's new vessel, the Rainbow Warrior III, started its first sea trials in the North Sea.

The new ship is not only a first for Greenpeace, but it is also the world's first ever purpose-built environmental campaigning vessel. Having this state-of-the-art ship to work on will enable Greenpeace to

  • Promote clean, green energy - blocking coal shipments and launching activists to draw attention to the desperate need for a global revolution in renewable energy.
  • Defend our forests - she will track illegal shipments of timber, collecting the evidence needed to prosecute rogue companies and bring about tougher government regulations.
  • Protect our oceans - her helicopter carrying facilities will enable us to spot illegal fishing operations from miles and bring criminals to justice and work towards establishing marine reserves.

As the Rainbow Warrior III nears completion, we still need your support. On the Rainbow Warrior website, you can get an all-encompassing view of the vessel, and watch its live construction, as well as buy an item for the deck of the ship, or make a donation to the cause to keep her on the frontline of fighting climate change.

The Rainbow Warrior III with sails undergoes sea trials around Helgoland, North Sea. The Rainbow Warrior is Greenpeace's first purpose-built vessel and will be officially launched in Autumn 2011.


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