Lallmamode Mohamedally in Mauritius

Photo | October 16, 2012

"Here in Mauritius foreign fishing fleets are destroying our fish stocks. They take the local people’s fish away. I am a fisherman since 28 years and I have no words to express the plunder of our waters that is going on at the moment, I just can say that if we want to have fish in future this must not continue like this." "We congratulate you for gathering first time as European artisanal fishermen and support you in your struggle for getting a fair access to fish resources in your country’s waters." Lallmamode Mohamedally, an artisanal fisherman and Secretary of the Syndicat des Pecheurs, near Port Louis. Greenpeace is on an expedition in the Indian Ocean to expose overfishing and to highlight the problems associated with excessive tuna fishing, unsustainable or illegal fishing practices, the lack of law enforcement, and to listen to communities, learn about fishing practices and build alliances so that the Indian Ocean region can continue to provide fish and fishing jobs for future generations.


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