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Melita Steele

Melita has an MSc in Environmental Science and is passionate about working to change the world one small piece at a time. She works for Greenpeace as a senior climate and energy campaign manager, focusing on issues related to coal, nuclear and promoting renewable energies.

  • 22 June 2012 Water Usage in Johannesburg

    A woman and her son wash their clothes at a communal tap at Plot 8 informal settlement in Roodepoort on Johannesburg's West Rand. © Jennifer Bruce / Greenpeace

    Water is the foundation of life: we’re unable to survive without it. But the problem is that water is scarce, and this country is running out of it.

    More than 98% of South Africa’s water has already been allocated, and this country is facing... Read more >

  • Working for change

    Blogpost by Melita Steele - August 22, 2012 at 18:05

    I’ve been working for Greenpeace for nearly three years now as a climate and energy campaigner, and I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time on the Esperanza (one of the Greenpeace ships) before. That was over a year ago, and while I remember parts o... Read more >

  • 22 June 2012

    A man washes his hands from a water tank at the Vivo informal settlement near the disused Durban Deep mine in Roodepoort on Johannesburg's West Rand. Local communities in South Africa, already struggling for access to water, may lose their water rights to make way for mines. Read more >

    It’s a little known fact that South Africa has some of the best quality water in the world – for those who have access to it, and can afford to pay for it. But the country is facing a looming water conflict, and coal is right in the middle of ...
  • It was announced yesterday that Eskom's funding plan to 2017 had been approved. The utility company will spend R201.6 billion over the coming period, with R65 billlion budgeted for this year.   

    Part of the funding plan includes a R35 billion increas... Read more >

  • Action at Kusile Power Station in Africa

    Aerial image shows Greenpeace activists hanging from a crane inside Eskom's Kusile power plant in the Delmas municipal area of the Mpumalanga province, with banners reading 'Kusile: Climate Killer'. Greenpeace is calling on the state owned utility ESKOM to abandon Kusile coal fired power plant, which is set to become world’s fourth most polluting power plant in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and to instead invest in both green energy sources and jobs. © Benedicte Kurzen / Greenpeace


    Did you also see the headlines: “How the budget affects you; Budget and your pocket; Budget and you”, which I passed on my way to work yesterday morning? Every year South Africans pay close attention to the Finance Minister’s budget speech, ... Read more >

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