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Monica Davies

Monica is Davies is an environmental activist and rock 'n roll devotee. She has worked on the Greenpeace Africa digital communications team since September 2011.

  • An arid landscape shot from The Weather Gods documentary.


    Greenpeace Africa will be putting our climate and all the problems it’s facing on the big screen during COP17, with our Environmental Film Festival that will be running throughout the conference.

    The Festival (powered entirely by solar and ... Read more >

  • Map of where to find our Solar Tent.

    With COP17 being held on African soil for the first time this year, Greenpeace Africa will be filling the Durban beach front with an extensive range of green activities, open for public entertainment and educati... Read more >

  • Fish around a FAD in the Pacific Ocean

    School of fish around a fish aggregation device or FAD in the Western Pacific. In addition to a total ban on purse seine fishing using FADs, Greenpeace is calling on members of the WCPFC to reduce by half the regional tuna catches and close all four Pacific high seas pockets from fishing. These measures are needed to save the remaining commercially valuable tuna stocks from collapse. © Paul Hilton / Greenpeace


    Greenpeace has again shed light on the careless and wasteful fishing practices that are rife throughout our oceans with the release of shocking new video footage, captured by a tuna industry whistleblower.

    The video footage that was release... Read more >

  • This weekend, Greenpeace will be casting some bright, solar-powered light over all the ways we can use renewables now!

    We're hosting a renewable energy-powered picnic at Soweto's Mofolo Park from 10am on Saturday 12 November.

    We will be showcasing... Read more >

  • Kusile: Climate Killer

    Blogpost by Monica Davies - November 7, 2011 at 11:34 10 comments

    Greenpeace Action at Kusile Power Plant, South Africa

    Greenpeace activists chain themselves to the front gate of the construction site of Kusile coal plant in Mpumalanga, South Africa, in protest of South Africa's addiction to coal power. © Greenpeace / Shayne Robinson


    Today, Greenpeace Africa has brought something very far away from the minds of most South Africans to the top of talking trends. "Confronting Kusile" is the phrase making the rounds online this morning, and it's got many regular South Africa... Read more >

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