>> Read Kumi's response to this letter here.

Early yesterday morning Kumi Naidoo, the Global head of Greenpeace, scaled the Arctic oil rig we have been trying to stop over recent months. Like the 18 Greenpeace activists who were arrested doing the same thing last week, Kumi simply wanted to ask the Master of the rig about the missing oil spill response plan. He took with him the names of 50,000 people from across the world who have emailed Cairn to also ask for the rig’s secret oil spill plan. 

Kumi was arrested and is being held in jail in Greenland. 

Here's a letter from his daughter, written to him on Father's day. 

Dear Dad,

As my friends and flat mates go to visit their father’s on father’s day, I am both proud and saddened to know that you are being held in custody in Greenland after standing against the madness of Arctic oil drilling. Watching the videos of you braving freezing water fired from water cannons to scale a massive Arctic oil rig: I can truthfully say that I will spend this father’s day being proud to be your daughter. 

There are many reasons why I am glad you are my father. First, you made sure that as a child I became aware of issues of social, economic, gender and environmental justice. It has never been more to clear to me that the Earth is a fragile place that needs protection, and if it continues to be exploited in ways such as is currently being done in the Arctic, it will not be long before there is nothing left. 

It seems completely crazy that these people can exploit the disappearance of the Arctic sea ice and take it as an opportunity to make more profit, especially when they are the same people who first created this mess. It is clear to me, and all the many Greenpeace supporters across the world who are behind you, that brave and direct action like yours is the only hope we have that sanity may prevail over madness.

You are always in my thoughts and the thoughts of the rest of our family who are contacting me constantly incase of any news or updates. Most are asking whether you had time to pack the right clothes and dress up warm, worried that the Arctic is not quite ideal weather conditions for an African man. Others are worried about how you are coping on prison food. I have assured them not to worry and that you are hopefully catching up on your lack of sleep a little whilst there; I guess this is the only positive outcome of you being in jail. 

Please look after yourself as best as you can. I hope we can get in contact soon, or, even better, we won’t need to because we will be able to see each other. If you are still speaking to me that is, as I hope you are not sitting in that cell blaming me given that I know that my encouraging you to take the Greenpeace job was one of your major motivations.  ☺