Two years ago, hundreds of thousands of people in Japan lost their homes, jobs and communities in the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima.

Today, many of them have still not received enough compensation to rebuild their lives.

Join us for a silent demonstration on Monday 11 March to mark two years since the Fukushima disaster.

  • Where: Cnr Empire Road & Yale Road Johannesburg.
  • When: Monday 11 March, 7 – 9am
  • Who: Everyone welcome. Please wear all black clothes.

The Red Cross calls the Fukushima nuclear disaster an "ongoing humanitarian crisis". For most of the 160,000 people who were evacuated from their homes near Fukushima it will never be completely safe to return home.

The costs of Fukushima are being paid by the Japanese people themselves, as taxpayers they are footing the bill for this nuclear disaster. The cost of the disaster is estimated at $250 billion US dollars.

The situation in Japan is not an exception. If something were to happen at the existing nuclear plant in Cape Town, or at any of the proposed nuclear plants in future, taxpayers would be forced to cover the costs. Eskom would be liable for a very small amount, while investors and developers could walk away without paying a cent.

This situation is completely unjust and must change. If you agree, please join us in taking action.