The days following the opening ceremony of the World Social forum were relatively calm at the Cheikh Anta Diop university of Dakar.

The huge burst from civil society and NGOs experienced on the opening of the Forum naturally slowed into actual negotiations between NGO’s present.  Exhibitions informing visitors of the mission and objectives of different NGO was high on the agenda of the groups present. As things slowed down in Dakar Greenpeace took the crowd to Goree for an incredible day long solar exercise.

The trip to Goree was very fascinating, Goree epitomises slavery and the outing to Goree looked like an expedition to rescue African from the pain of slavery. And of course it was in a bid to rescue the continent from the slavery to dirty energy that Greenpeace descended to the island with a strong team and a curious large crowd.

The Goree city hall where the activities took place was full beyond capacity and the spirit of the people that came from far and near was astonishing. It was clear that they were intrigued by the idea of a clean Energy and could not wait to know more.  

The morning session was characterised by rhetoric and speeches through which the people present were educated on the purpose and mission of Greenpeace in Africa. Greenpeace they were told is an independent organisation that works to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and promote peace.

The workshops that followed trained participants on how to operate and use the solar equipments provided by Greenpeace Swiss. Speaking during the  demonstration exercise Christian Gyr, Greenpeace Swiss climate campaigner  reiterated that solar energy provides great opportunities for Africa as the continent has vast resources for the generation of this form of energy.

Consensus was reached among all present at the solar demonstration exercise that Solar energy is the way to go for Africa, with most African countries battling with insufficient energy to meet demands of their population.