Guinness World Record Certificate

A Guinness World Record Certificate for our 'Unfriend Coal' cyber action. The certificate reads: "The most comments on a facebook item in 24 hours is 80,030 and was achieved by Greenpeace on 14 April 2011"


In April last year we were pushing hard for Facebook to 'unfriend' coal -- and we asked you to get involved.

The idea was to make a post on the unfriend coal Facebook page and then see if we could set a record for the most comments on a single post in 24 hours. 

In the end over 80,030 comments were made from people around the world -- that's almost one comment a second for a whole day!

This morning, almost a year later, I got a big (recyclable) envelope in the post: A certificate from Guinness World Records congratulating us for the achievement.

So I just wanted to say thanks again for taking part in the cyber action that day. It's awesome to know that not only did we set a new world record, but we also got Facebook to ditch coal.

Thanks for your Activism!