There’s often a misconception in our consumer society that the brands and companies we buy from have power over their consumers. “The customer is always right” only seemed to take you so far. But increasingly, brands are being held to account when they deliver their customers less than we deserve.

Because instead of being fed products or services blindly, consumers are taking up the responsibility of having a say in what we buy and what we are party to. From a green perspective, we now have the opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint before we’ve even started making it.

We can now demand our products are responsibly sourced and sustainably made, and that the suppliers are transparent about their methods.

Some would say we can no longer complain about consumer standards if we aren’t doing anything to change them.

But, how do we change them?

We exercise our consumer rights, by using rating platforms like

Yowzit is an internet-based community where customers and businesses can share real experiences, helping businesses grow and rapidly improve customer service quality. Yowzit provides consumers with a way of sharing real experiences with products and services from the comfort of our own home or office. 

Yowzit and Greenpeace Africa have collaborated to create an additional rating standard on the Yowzit platform – now consumers are able to rate a company according to their environmental practices. This could be that you feel a service provider in the retail group should offer vegetarian options, should stock up on non-toxic cleaning materials, or should not be using power at such an extreme rate.

This site is not aimed at bashing companies or brands, but rather a chance for consumers to voice their concerns and listen to what others are saying, as part of our consumer cares and responsibilities. This is the chance for people power to do what it does best and demand a change for the better.

Visit Yowzit today to start having your eco-say.