Let's get facebook off coal!

As our deadline for getting Facebook off coal and onto renewables approaches (Earth Day, April 22nd) we are planning a massive push for tomorrow. So massive, in fact, that we hope to make a Guinnes World Record. To make it work, we'll need your help.

Here's the plan: Tomorrow morning at 07:00 we'll make a post on the 'Facebook Unfried Coal' page. Then it's up to you, and all your friends: We are aiming for 50,000 comments on that post in a 24-hour period.

Here's the kicker: We're going to erect a giant solar-powered screen outside the Facebook offices, and will broad cast all the comments onto that screen as they are posted. We want Facebook to fully get how serious you and I are about it getting off coal, and switching to renewable energy.

Oh, and just to sweeten the deal a little more, we've got 'Facebook Unfriend Coal' t-shirts for the 50 most witty or awesome commenters.

So, one more time:

Date: Tomorrow morning, from 07:00
Goal: 50,000 comments or more
What you can do: Comment on the page, and get your mates to do the same!

You can also help spread the word by pasting a status update on your facebook profile, or sending a tweet. Here are some suggestions:

Use these today:

  • [TWEET] Want to be part of a World Record attempt with @Greenpeace, in support of renewable energy on Facebook? http://bit.ly/hhdE98

  • [FACEBOOK] Let's get Facebook off coal and onto renewables! Find out about Greenpeace's world record attempt, and how we can help, here: http://bit.ly/hhdE98

That's it! See you tomorrow!