We've just received incredible new footage that shows the moment Russian special forces abseiled onto the heli deck of the Arctic Sunrise and detained the crew at gun point.

Email the Russian Embassy to demand the release of the Arctic 30.

The Arctic Sunrise was seized at gunpoint by Russian commandos in international waters on September 19th this year. The crew of the ship had earlier held a peaceful protest at an Arctic drilling platform operated by Russian oil giant Gazprom. The ship was subsequently towed to Russia where the 28 crew and two freelance journalists have since been held in prison. They are charged with hooliganism, carrying a 7 year sentence, and piracy, which carries 15 years.

Next week Saturday is a global day of action for the Arctic 30 -- I hope you'll be able to join us in Joburg. We're planning a massive drumming circle where together we'll raise our voices and drum for justice. If you've been waiting for the right time to join us, this is it.

Get all the details and RSVP here

Faced with what we know of the Arctic 30, their peaceful protest, and what has followed since, we simply can't be silent. That's just not an option. Join us, please.