We have heard it over and over – our dependence on plastic as human beings is destroying the environment faster than we can ask for a plastic bag at your favourite retailer.

A floating island the size of Texas can be found in the Pacific Ocean; an accumulation of plastic bottles, bags and other trash or “The Trash Vortex” swirls slowly around the ocean like a clock, choked with dead fish, marine mammals, and birds that get caught in it. Most of these plastics will not break down in the lifetimes of the grandchildren of the people who threw them away. Plastic needs 450 years to start decomposing, and most will only be completely decomposed after 1000 years.

As concerned citizens and activists you are most likely on this page because you are looking for ways to become involved in the preservation of the environment. You may be one of those people who always remember to take their material bags out to do shopping, or who asks for their take away food in foil or paper. But how difficult is it to live a life without plastic? Some may find it quite easy while others may not be able to handle the pressure – it is possible? Zero Plastic Week was started by a small group of friends, who wanted to challenge people to unlike plastic and like nature instead.

The challenge is simple; do not buy anything that is plastic, is wrapped in plastic or comes packaged in plastic, for just one week. Everything you already own that is plastic is fine, but the idea is not allow anything new into your home or office that’s made of plastic. Not only is this week a chance for us to learn how dependent we are on plastics, but it is a chance for us to learn more about the products we buy every day and how we can pressure industry leaders to change their packaging practices.

>> So here’s what you can do <<