If you’ve been following our forest campaigns, you’ll know the world’s forests are under a lot of pressure from deforestation and climate change. Although there is some good news coming through, there’s a still a whole lot that needs to get done.

Which is why we’re so excited for Greenpop’s Reforest Fest – two weekends of tree-planting fun in Africa’s southern-most indigenous forest.

With sneakers in hand and tents at the ready, we’ll be joining hundreds of other music and nature lovers for this legendary event! And not only will be rocking our socks off to some seriously cool local music talent, but we’ll also be refreshing our bodies and minds with yoga, forest walks, and various presentations on the sheer genius of Mother Nature.

But undoubtedly the best part about the event, of course, is helping to plant up to 8 000 indigenous trees! Greenpop’s major goal is plant some 50 000 trees by 2020 (they’ve just passed the 30,000 milestone!), and we’re super amped to help out all we can.

So if you love music -- or more importantly, if you love the planet as much as we do, then we’d love you to join us next weekend in the beautiful Platbos Reserve. And if ‘the wild’ is not your thing, don’t worry, the most dangerous creature you’ll come across in the woods is our very own Mike Baillie, but he’s easily tamed with a post-planting beer. He’ll be giving a talk about the work Greenpeace does, and how you can get inolved, after breakfast on Sunday the 18th – and you could find yourself the proud new owner of our tree hugger t-shirts if you go along!

Find out more about the Reforest Fest here.

Jana is a Masters student in environmental law at Wits. She started volunteering at Greenpeace to gain some hands-on experience in saving the planet. Besides her passion for saving the environment, she is an animal lover who dreams of opening her own animal shelter one day. When she’s not cuddling with her cats, you can find her playing pool, reading, or writing poetry.