Following our action on Monday, I came across this very compelling video, and it really made me feel good about taking a stand.

The importance and urgency of South Africa taking meaningful action on climate change really can't be overstated. Our policies and decisions on how we respond to climate change locally have global implications, and those implications are particularly pertinent in Africa.

South Africa makes up 38% of the continent's total CO2 emissions. Simply put, we are driving climate change on the continent, and as such the onus is on us to change our energy generation methods, not just for our benefit, but for the good of vulnerable people accross the globe.

Our action was about Eskom taking responsibility for the mess caused by its addiction to coal. The truth is that Eskom's coal-fired plants cause a huge mess every single day: climate impacts, pollution, and human health issues are just part of it. Eskom's having to clean up on Monday morning was a miniscule, symbolic gesture for the massive mess they cause every day, but which never gets dealt with. If only that mess was as simple to deal with as the 5 tonnes of coal we left for them on Monday.

Before watching this video, I'd just like to say a huge thanks for all the support you've passed on in the last few days. This campaign for a brighter, greener South Africa is not going to be a quick one: this is a long idea, not just a big one -- and we need you with us if we are going to win it!

Enjoy the clip.