Starting this Saturday, and continuing on to the Global Day of Action a week later, thousands of people - from distinct cultures and diverse backgrounds - will come together to speak with one voice about saving a very special, unique and absolutely beautiful piece of our planet - The Arctic.

At the same time, a group of young leaders, with the pledges of nearly 3 million people tucked into their capsule, are off to the North Pole calling for the uninhabited area around the Pole to be declared a global sanctuary (#2thepole).

This means an end to unsustainable corporate interests. This means no drilling for oil. This means no industrial fishing. This also means that it is time for our political leaders to put national interests aside, and begin to take crucial, sustainable decisions that will have a positive effect on the future of the environment, and ultimately the future of humanity.

These decisions must be made in May, when the Arctic Council meets in Sweden. It is there where we will call on the Council to remember that we have only one planet, only one Arctic, and that we - the people - will speak with one voice, because what happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic.

If you are in Johannesburg, join us in creating a human banner this Saturday. If you’re somewhere else in Africa, take your own photo.