Cleared Forest In Sumatra

Forest clearance of tiger habitat at Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) related logging area. Within the concession, 13 km away, a Sumatran tiger died early in July 2011 after it became caught in an animal trap. The Sumatran tiger’s rainforest habitat is being destroyed, forcing it into closer contact with humans and into areas where traps are laid for wild boar. More than one million hectares of rainforests are estimated to be cleared every year.

In July, we reported the sad story of an endangered Sumatran tiger dying in a trap in an Asian Pulp & Paper (APP) plantation after being snared for six days in total without food or water.

The shocking images brought home the toll that rainforest destruction has on wildlife, especially since the Sumatran tiger is an endangered species, with only around 400 left in the wild.

So to combat further unfortunate events like this, Greenpeace launched its “Save the Tiger’s Home” campaign in Jakarta last week, urging government and industry to implement a zero deforestation policy in all their operations.

Following the launch in Jakarta, the campaign will move to Sumatra where Greenpeace will continue to monitor destruction of tiger habitat.

“We launched this campaign to show that forest destruction not only damages our climate, biodiversity, and forest-dependent communities, but also Indonesia’s economy, image, and even culture,” said Zulfahmi, Greenpeace Indonesia Forest campaign team leader.

If this deforestation continues, the Sumatran Tiger is likely to follow its predecessors, the Javanese and Bali tiger, into extinction.

With the “Save The Tiger’s Home” campaign, Greenpeace is calling for companies to stop their destructive practices and move to more responsible operations, not only in Indonesia but throughout the world!

Deforestation is a harsh reality in Africa too. Greenpeace Africa is actively campaigning in the DRC, creating a space for the voices of local communities to be heard as they call for the protection of their forests. We are also working to end the international trade in illegal timber, exposing those who are driving illegal logging in Africa's rainforests. Please click here to support this campaign by making an online donation.