Make sure Macky Sall hears your call for fairer fishing

You’ve no doubt seen our campaign for fairer fishing in West Africa. You’ve hopefully watched the videos showing the impact overfishing is having on human lives in Senegal, and how foreign fishing fleets are to blame.

You’ve accompanied us on the journey. Finally it seems we are getting closer to our destination. 

The campaign reached a critical point earlier this year when 6000 artisanal fishermen signed our petition for sustainable fisheries. Then in February, one of our ships, the Arctic Sunrise, sailed in to West African waters to highlight and protest the emptying of our seas by enormous factory trawlers

You supported our offline actions by adding your voice to a broad call for sustainable fishing – and it seems Senegal’s new President has been listening.

Before he was elected to office, Greenpeace Africa campaigners met with presidential candidate Macky Sall to discuss the dire need for Africa’s fisheries to be made a priority.

On Tuesday Sall, now Senegal’s new president, gave his first presidential speech to the Senegalese nation, and he referred directly to the state of emergency the fishing sector is in.

"There's an urgency to act in the fisheries sector in Senegal," he said. "I pledge to review the conditions for granting authorizations and fishing licenses to foreign ships, and I will fight against pirates who plunder our waters and fisheries resources.”

This commitment from Sall is fantastic news for the seas of West Africa, and the millions of people who depend on them for their livelihoods. Greenpeace sincerely hope that Sall makes good on his promise and takes decisive action to protect what’s being stolen right in front of our eyes.

So let’s not ease off the pressure just yet.

You can make sure Sall keeps his promise by signing the original petition below. The more people who sign on, the louder our voice will be, and the more likely it is that Sall will stick by his commitments.

If you’ve already signed up, please send a quick email to spread word about what’s at stake.

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