Unlike fossil fuels (coal, gas, oil), solar energy is renewable and inexhaustible. However, despite the abundance of solar radiation, the continent is handicapped by insufficient  energy.

Only 23% of the population (one in four people) have access to electricity. The situation is even more critical in rural areas where electrification covers only one in ten inhabitants. Is it a paradox or lack of will power? Based on the potential sun power of in this region, we can’t help being upset in the face of such passivity.

Today governments should take the initiative to promote solar energy and gear towards the adoption of this free source of energy, especially in a context of underdevelopment where people live on less than a dollar a day.

Climate change, depletion of fossil fuels and rising oil prices have forced responsible governments to diversify their supply and adopt renewable energy development strategies. So why not Africa’s governments?

One thing is certain: our leaders must change their views on energy policies. May growing poverty and demand for energy enlighten their minds.