The Renewable Energy Network (REN21) has just released a new global report on the growth of renewable energy in 2010 -- and it brings with it some very exciting news!

Even if South Africa isn't being as ambitious as it could be with the rollout of renewable energy, globally the ball is really starting to rock and roll.

The report illustrates how investment in renewable energy leapt by a third last year to $211 billion dollars, a five-fold increase on 2004. It also shows that renewable energy is proving itself to be a safe bet for investors, and the market continues to see substantial growth, even as the global market goes through tougher times.

A statistic I found particularly interesting was that according to the report, developing countries are responsible for more than half the world's renewable energy capacity. I think its empowering to hear that their growth and job creation is happening on the back of clean and sustainable energy, rather than on dirty fossil fuels and nuclear power.

I wish we could say the same about what was fueling South Africa's development.

Commenting on the report, Sven Teske, Greenpeace's renewable energy expert said:

“The continuing rise of renewable energy is good news for the global economy, energy equity and the climate, and shows that despite the global recession, real world growth in renewables was just 7% behind the predictions of Greenpeace’s Energy [R]evolution. Moreover, the REN21 findings show that global ambition for a world powered by renewable energy is not only desirable, it is also achievable.”

For me the take-away point is that renewable energy investment and implementation is happening. The tired old comments we hear about renewable energy being science-fiction are not standing up to evidence any longer -- the Energy [R]evolution is here, and its time South Africa embraced it.

What can you do?

I think its about time we started spreading word about the evolution of energy a little more. So if you're on twitter, click over to this page where you'll find a whole bunch of facts about renewable energy in the world. Just pick your favourite, and let's start tweeting the Revolution!