An arid landscape shot from The Weather Gods documentary.


Greenpeace Africa will be putting our climate and all the problems it’s facing on the big screen during COP17, with our Environmental Film Festival that will be running throughout the conference.

The Festival (powered entirely by solar and wind energy) will show two different films every day from the 28th of November until the 9th of December (including on weekends), and also showcase exclusive Greenpeace documentary premieres.

The first screening of the day will be at 10am, followed by an afternoon showing at 3pm. All screenings are free of charge and open to the public.

The films that will be shown are an interesting mix of documentaries, emotional interviews and feature footage - some of them are The Age Of Stupid, Black Gold and Sweet Crude.

On 30 November at 7pm, we will be premiering The Weather Gods. This documentary was made by Greenpeace to showcase how drastic the effects of climate change are on a continent like Africa.

Our other premiere will be The Future Of The Forests In Poetry documentary, chronicling the competition that took place in the DRC recently, encouraging Congolese youth to speak out to preserve their precious forests.

Both premieres are also open to the public - come one, come all!

Download the Solar Film Festival Schedule here.

If films aren’t your thing, Greenpeace’s solar tent will be hosting a range of other activities throughout COP. Read about them here.