Map of where to find our Solar Tent.

With COP17 being held on African soil for the first time this year, Greenpeace Africa will be filling the Durban beach front with an extensive range of green activities, open for public entertainment and education.

The hub of these activities will be the Greenpeace display tent (the first ever solar-powered tent) on North Beach, from 28 November until 9 December. 

The solar film festival will be the main occupant of the tent, running for the duration of the conference. A diverse range of documentaries and movies about the effects of climate change will be broadcast twice a day, every day. (Download the Solar Film Festival Schedule here.) 

The exclusive Greenpeace climate impact documentary, The Weather Gods, will be launched at 7pm on Wednesday, 30 November, and the documentary chronicling the recent Future Of The Forests in Poetry competition will be launched at 7pm on Friday, 2 December.

Moving outside the cinema, on the morning of Tuesday 29 November, we will officially launch our Wind Chime Project in front of the tent. Here, you can let the wind power your voice by signing up to our Use Me More campaign and getting your name on the chime. We will then all be able to show just what the wind can accomplish when we all sign up to use it more.

On 1 December, there will be a coal seminar in the tent, presented by Greenpeace Africa Climate Campaigner, Melita Steele, as a wave from the International Coal Seminar happening in the Conference Venue the day prior.

The 3rd of December will see the city uniting for the Global Day Of Action March through Durban, as a sign of South Africans uniting against climate change.

Two exciting events take place on 6 December - the first will be a human banner being made on Durban’s North Beach. And then later in the day, we will be launching The Mystery Of McKinsey’s Black Box, a comic book detailing the choices we’ll soon wish we had made to protect Africa’s precious forests.

And finally, on 7 December, we’ll be having a hot cook-off on the Bay Lawns in front of the solar tent. Chefs and volunteers will be competing to see who can make the best dish using only solar power.

All these events are completely open to the public and, if you can’t make it to a specific event, the tent 8am until 6pm every day of the conference for you to come and browse our display of renewable energy technology and take part in turning the future green.