Following the success of Greenpeace’s youth outreach solar power training camp that took place at the end of last month, the team of volunteers and Greenpeace activists from the camp have taken their Solar Caravan, featuring newly-installed solar panels, to be shown off at various campuses of the University of Kwazulu Natal.

During the solar training camp, four high-efficiency solar panels donated by SunPower were installed on two mobile caravans. These caravans are now being used to power various devices and multi-media tools. They will also be part of Greenpeace’s activities at COP17 in Durban later this year.

This week, the two caravans were taken to the University of Kwazulu Natal where the Greenpeace team mobilised students across the various campuses of the university by signing them up to Greenpeace’s Use Me More campaign (

The showcase of the caravans is also an opportunity for the volunteers from the solar training camp to showcase their new knowledge and training in the workings of solar power.

People were signed up on iPads that had been charged using solar power, through Wi-Fi that was running off solar power. Tshepo Peele, Outreach Coordinator for Greenpeace Africa, says that the system piqued the interest of many of the UKZN students.

The huge jump is the sign-up numbers on during this showcase is a perfect example of just how much the sun worked for us! We're looking forward to many more exciting solar-powered activities at COP17 in November.

Thanks to the University of Kwazulu Natal for affording the Solar Caravan team the opportunity to show off their work.

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