Turning to the sun is an urge as old as mankind itself. Like the sunflower, we turn to it for life, warmth and light - three words which could easily be used to describe the music of the newly-formed group, Jika Nelanga (which means sunflower in Zulu).

Acoustic by nature, this music features the exquisite guitar playing of the legendary Steve Newman (best known for his work with Tananas), Greg Georgiades and Ashish Joshi on guitars, Godfrey McGina on persussion and Zamo Mbutho and Lu Dlamini on vocals.

Jika Nelanga, in conjunction with local music producer, Ian Osrin, set about creating a song that was both as optimistic and truly African as our latest energy campaign, Use Me More. 

The song, like the campaign, is a call from the Sun and the Wind to be used more by all South Africans. “I’m the Sun, I’m the Wind, I come free,” they sing, “Just use me more!” Simple as that.

We’re excited about this song because it’s a unique way to Africanize the call for a renewable energy revolution that is happening around the world. The easy backbeat of the Use Me More song, combined with the sonorous presence of our Use Me More beachfront wind chime brings the campaign to life in a way that only nature itself could inspire.

You can download the Use Me More song for free below by joining our campaign and signing up to answer the sun and wind’s call to be used more.


For more info on the Use Me More campaign, go to www.usememore.co.za