Although the wind is a powerful source of renewable energy, actually showing that power can be tricky at times. Luckily, hearing the wind is a different story altogether, and what better way to hear the wind’s power, than by constructing a massive, larger-than-life wind-chime?

At COP17 in Durban this month, we’ll be launching our Use Me More Wind Chime Project. It’ll be a physical manifestation of your call for climate action and a renewable energy-powered future.

Each person who signs onto the Use Me More petition will have their name written onto a piece of bamboo, which will then form part of the giant wind-chime on Durban’s North Beach.

We are especially excited about the project because it beautifully illustrates how South Africans are tackling climate change – the daily chiming a sonic depiction of what South Africans can do when we campaign together.

Those looking to sign and hang a chime onto the frame themselves can do so by coming down to Greenpeace Africa’s Solar Tent on Durban’s beach front during COP17. (Map and location details to follow soon)

The Wind Chime Project will be launched on Monday 28 November, and you are welcome to come add your piece to the chime throughout COP17 - up until 10 December.

Not going to be in Durban? Well you can still be a part of the chime by signing up here:

Use Me More