08 November 2012 Climate Protest at COP 17

Greenpeace takes to the streets and joins with over ten thousand climate activists, NGO members and other representatives demanding urgent climate action from the delegates at COP17. © Shayne Robinson / Greenpeace

Many are the times that Greenpeace is seen as crazy activists chaining themselves to things, when really our main campaigns aim to change societal attitudes and behavior for the good of the environment, and society itself. And we can only achieve this goal with the support of people around the world.

As an organization we strongly believe the power lies with our supporters, and are very grateful to have experienced large crowds of people rallying behind us in all our campaigns. Financial contributions give us the tools, but just as necessary in our work is the collective will to get our society to change, for the better.

It is when we get messages of support like one that came through during our Eskom action last month saying, “I can’t wait to tell my children about this,” that we really know we have the people power to turn the tide towards a sustainable future.

Our supporters are the greatest force behind all the successes and triumphs we have had and we feel truly honoured to have the opportunity to continue partnering with people like you to achieve our goals.   

During our peaceful protest at Eskom headquarters, we received a remarkable outpouring of support from people from all walks of life. At the end of a long and challenging day, these messages are what keep our activists going for another hour, another day, another action when it’s needed.

We, like all our supporters, have hope – we believe that South Africa is ideally positioned to use renewable energy. This country has the opportunity, technology and resources to mitigate climate change effects through a transition to clean energy and a phasing out of dirty, outdated fossil fuels.

It is in this regard that we’ve partnered with other civil society organizations for an anti-nuclear march this Saturday. The aim of this march is to show our government that the people of South Africa truly object to the proposed plans to build 6 new nuclear reactors in our country. We therefore urge each of you to join us as we march to a nuclear-free future and demand a just energy solution from our leaders.

Wherever you are in the world, you can join us in this action – find out how to here.