The The stats are big: South Africa has some of the best renewable energy potential in the world; 12 million South Africans do not have access to a secure supply of electricity; 3.2 million young people in our country are unemployed and looking for work.

Shocking stats don’t always help though. Being able to do something about them is the key.

On the 28th of July 2013, Nosipho Mabaleka-Nongogo and Lerato Motau will “Walk for Youth”, at the fantastic 702 Walk the Talk charity event. Now you’re wondering “how is that going to help change those shocking stats?” The Walk for Youth initiative will be raising knowledge, awareness, and funds towards solartraining for 20 South African youths.

We want to walk the talk when it comes to renewable energy – that’s why we solar powered our three offices this year. But now we need your help to empower the youth in the growing clean energy industry

Picture this: a young person from a disadvantaged background gets this basic training, uses this new skill to enter the world of renewable energy, and the possibilities become endless.

The use of renewable energy is still a fairly new and great opportunity for South Africa and while it is still new, the few career gaps that exist could be filled with bright young minds. So

I urge you to have a hand in increasing our youth’s potential while also investing in a green future. Help us raise R30 000 to change the future of our country.

Donate to the Walk the Talk project here.