An activist takes action against coal power in the UK

© Will Rose / Greenpeace

Non-violent direct action is at the heart of what Greenpeace does in our mission to expose crimes against the world we live in, and find real solutions.

Internationally, these actions are probably what Greenpeace is best known for. However, these types of actions are always based on solid demands, and are never the first steps we take. Instead, non violent actions are used as a last resort: when lobbying or negotiations with decision makers fail, and our calls to stop environmental abuse are not heard.

Greenpeace works for positive change through action, and our core principles inspire us to take direct action - physically acting to confront those in positions of power with their responsibility for stopping environmental abuse. Guiding all of our actions, always, is our commitment to nonviolence and personal responsibility – meaning that we take full responsibility for our actions and the consequences.

We act to raise awareness, highlight the need for urgent action, and above-all to get those with the power and responsibility to actually make change happen. In pursuing our mission, we have no permanent allies or enemies.

But it’s important to remember that non-violent direct action is not the only method we use to protect our environment in our campaign for change. We bear witness to environmental wrongs, we actively lobby governments and companies to implement change, we use science and technology to promote solutions that are good for the environment, and we communicate with the world to stimulate people, like you, to also take action for our shared future.

Greenpeace has always sought to communicate our most urgent message - the environment needs action, and we are willing to stand up for what we believe in and demand change.