Update from Fiona (communications director):

It's been a long time coming and finally it's here. For Greenpeace Africa and for Jericho it is even more exciting. 

The solar powered public viewing area finally starts today. The mood is festive, with flags flying everywhere. Children, youth and elders alike are waiting with anticipation to see the first ever match being played on the African continent.

Youth are milling around the place; there is the air of excitement as people wait to collect their tickets. Vuvuzelas are being blown and can be heard from miles away. 40 volunteers from the village are on standby waiting to guide everybody through this moment of history.

For Greenpeace, Solar Generationa and the Swiss Youth Support Centre this is an epic moment as we demonstrate that it is all possible with solar power.

Solar generations, GP Swiss, Y.S.C and everyone else your help has
been highly appreciated.

FIFA World Cup 2010 with a solar difference!

Youth blowing a vuvuzela.

Photo: Youth blowing a vuvuzela. © Greenpeace / Nicolas Fojtu