Ocean Witnesses
Fishing Community Upbeat About Fuller Oceans
Last year the Senegalese Government took the very bold step of cancelling foreign fishing licences in its waters.
We've now just come from Joal, on Senegal's south coast, where we spoke to fishermen and women about the positive impact this decision has had on their lives -- and what it would mean if the government went back on its decisions.


  • "If the ocean has known any hardships, its mainly due to these big fishing ships. We know because we have witnessed how huge fishing trawlers have ravaged the ocean. Since those monsters have left our waters, we have seen positive changes. That’s why we don’t want to hear anymore talk about foreign fishing boats in Senegal. We pray to God that no one will allow the trawlers to return.
    Omar Sène, President of the Association of Young Fishers in Joal Fadiouth, Senegal
  • "The new Senegalese government has helped us a lot by stopping the activities of foreign trawlers in our waters. Today we can fish well and support our families – our whole lives depend on the ocean.
    Albertine Gaye, Fish Processor
  • "When the foreign boats were here we had a lot of difficulty because they caught all the fish due to their size and capacity. Now, with the cancellation of thier fishing licences, our catches have increased and we are seeing a number of fish species in our nets that we hadn’t seen in the last few years.
    Sidy Diop, Fisherman
  • "When the foreign vessels were here it was really difficult to make a decent catch. But since they have left, we thank God that we have fish again. Our catches are up again. We are asking the government to keep its decision in place because all our families depend on the ocean. We want President Sall to help us by not allowing foreign vessels to return.
    Bara Diop, Fisherman
  • "It’s simply great for Senegal and local fishers that the foreign boats have left. Help us to preserve the few resources we have left, because the ocean is all we have. We are happy to participate in actions that visualise the conservation of the ocean. We hope that the situation will continue like this. We don’t want to see foreign fishing vessels in our waters again. We are calling on President Macky Sall to maintain the cancellation of foreign fishing licences.
    Binta Sarr, Fish Processor
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