Since my last update a lot has happened and so fast that I could not even keep up. So, without any further delay I will get right on it.

Last Saturday saw the end of what was a very successful week for raising awareness in Mexico city as the Volunteers trained in Solar showcased their skills to members of the public at the Coyacan square.

Over 150 people visited the very small but highly effective Greenpeace stand which was amongst many other government stands raising awareness about Human rights. The public seemed to love the idea of cooking without a stove as it seemed more "stress free" as they would not burn food quite so often.

The end of that day saw a lot of tears as the volunteers bid a farewell to me as then I was heading to Cancun and they would never see me again at least not anytime soon.

My arrival in Cancun was not without it's drama as tons of soldiers roamed the streets like we were in a war gave me the impression that maybe they finally got the idea, the governments I mean: The idea that climate change was a war, and a war against ourselves really.

I was greeted by fellow colleagues and volunteers as they led me to the Parachute which was to be flown over the Chichen Itza Pyramids with the message "Rescue the Climate" written all over it, next up was the very well organised man made pyramids by, Greenpeace and other N.G.O's volunteers that were made to display working together for the climate. That's why the secretariat of the UNFCCC was invited to write what she was expecting from these talks on her brick before putting it in the pyramid. She wrote that she was expecting some Commitment and Compromise from the participating countries and thus marked a new relationship as it would open up more discussions between N.G,O's and Governments.

All this in one day! As you can imagine when night time came I was exhausted obviously because I only got to Cancun at midday.

Monday (that's were I am now) sees me in the Arctic Sunrise the "Ice Breaker" of the Greenpeace Ships which is anchored currently here in Cozumel a Mexican Island. It's here today is an open boat which gives people from around here and tourists alike a chance to marvel at this majestic Ship which coveres the world yearly fighting for the Oceans, Climate Change and Deforestation.

It's also an opportunity for people to meet the crew and ask questions about the dangers of being at sea 365 days a year with this climatic dsisaster looming. As I am here as part of the team, I was asked whether I had been arrested and my answer to that was "yes" because every Greenpeace person whose been arrested is not alone as we are all arrested when one of us is.

This marks the end of my journey as I will head back home shortly due to some unforeseen circumstances but not the last of my updates as everything that happens in Cancun outside I mean will be fed to me and I will feed to you.

Oh! and just by the way the Climate walk is to be held on the 3rd of December both in Mexico city and Cancun so please on the 4th is the Global day of Action find yourself doing something to protect this earth because without you it has no voice.