As I write this blog some of the volunteers and coordinators from the GPmexico team are gearing up to follow the rolling sunlight down to Cancun where as you may or may not know the Climate talks will kick off next Monday the 29th November 2010 also known as Cop16 after the famous but not progressive Copenhagen Cop15 which happened last year round about the same time.

I mentioned a rolling sunlight in my introduction and I must apologise for not giving a full definition of the above mentioned project, it is a truck fitted with solar panels that has been rolling down to Cancun from Mexico city raisng awareness about the effects of climate change and how these talks are meant to curb what has been essentially been dubbed a bad meeting even before it has started. This rolling sunlight has been on the road since early november and has successfully arrived in Cancun, along with the Artic Sunrise one of the Greenpeace ships which was interestingly enough inolved in an action yesterday morning of course mexican time just off the Gulf of Mexico where the horrible oil spill happened a couple of months ago.

Another interesting thing that is happening is the solar training being conducted by the now famous Dr Michael Gotz who so efficiently did the same training for our Jericho project earlier on this year prior to the solar P.V.A and here he is training volunteers about solar to showcase the power of the sun to the mexican people at a famous square this coming Saturday also as part of counting down to Cancun and beyond.

I myself will be heading down to Cancun and giving you live updates daily from there as from the 29th but until then I will write again this coming Saturday to let you know more about the Public exhibition of the solar training and how it all went.

This is me signing off from Mexico city.