Greenpeace response on the vote of the EU-Mauritania Fisheries partnership agreement

Press release - October 15, 2013
Following the European Parliament’s vote on Tuesday October 8th 2013 for the new EU-Mauritania Fisheries partnership agreement, Greenpeace acknowledges that it is a significant step towards the defense of the interests of the Mauritanian communities, long marginalized and abused in these agreements that not only deplete resources, but also threaten the livelihoods of millions people in West Africa.

However, Greenpeace believes that these kinds of partnerships are not a sustainable solution for the development of West African countries and invites them to implement fisheries policies that rather rely on an efficient local fishing industry, capable of creating added-value in their economies and guaranteeing food security for their populations.

Greenpeace calls for a regional management of shared stocks, including small pelagic fish, which is not even mentioned in this agreement.

Ahmed Diame, Oceans campaigner, Greenpeace Africa  
Bakary Coulibaly, Greenpeace Africa Communication officer .