Election 2014, is it worth talking about electricity?

Press release - April 15, 2014
15 April 2014, Greenpeace Africa host a press conference to focus on electricity supply and delivery ahead of the 2014 South African elections.

More than a Third of South Africans are without access to power daily. The country generates its electricity almost entirely from coal, which negatively impacts the health of millions of South African while the country is the largest greenhouse gas emitter in Africa and the 13th highest in the world. According to the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report released on Sunday the 13th of April,  preventing catastrophic climate change requires an urgent and fundamental transformation of energy systems around the world.

Greenpeace Africa contends that the age of fossil fuels is over and the century of renewable energy has begun. South Africa has an abundence of solar and wind energy to power the country into a new phase of development on the continent. Ahead of the 2014 national elections Greenpeace Africa invites the Energy Intensive Users Group (EIUG) - who are heavily dependent on reliable electricity supplies - to discuss how the country can start now to increase jobs, give power back to consumers and do away with blackouts.

Greenpeace Africa offers all political parties a simple outline of how South Africa, can sustainably and affordably move the country towards an energy revolution through our ‘Energy Manifesto’. This Manifesto is a tool that simply lays out a clear path towards increased and sustainable renewable energy production in South Africa. The kind of shift that Greenpeace Africa campaigns for, would allow a just transition away from coal and other dangerous energy options such as nuclear and shale gas, and instead creates a future based on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Through this press conference Greenpeace Africa offers a platform to outline how the energy debate is at the heart of service delivery, quality of life and job creation, and therefore should be a core issue in the election debate.


Notes to editor

Greenpeace press conference date: 15 April 2014 from 11 to 12h30

Venue: 10 A  and B Clamart House, Clamart Road, Richmond, Johhannesburg

To read the Energy Manifesto Click here


Contact for media

Najia Bounaim, Communications Manager, Greenpeace Africa