Greenpeace Africa's statement on the conflict in DRC's Goma

Press release - November 22, 2012
Greenpeace Africa is appalled at the recent upsurge in violence in the east of Democratic Republic of Congo and is calling for the UN and the international community to help bring an immediate end to the conflict.

Information coming out of Goma suggests that thousands of people have been displaced from their homes as the province was captured by the M23 rebel group, part of their seven month campaign of violence. There are reports of killings and abductions.

The latest conflict is part of a 20-year war for strategic resources in the mineral rich east of the country.

"Our thoughts go out to the many Congolese people that have been affected by the on-going conflict in Goma," said Michael Obrien-Onyeka, the Executive Director of Greenpeace Africa.

"Caught in the middle of this war on resources at the cost of the environment and the forests, are the local communities." 

Greenpeace calls on the international community, companies with investments in the region, and the UN to ensure that this conflict is brought to an immediate end.


  • Fiona Musana,Communication Director,Greenpeace ,+27 79 894 0495
  • Loan Tran-Thanh,Country Manager,DRC ,+243 999 010 900
  • Just Van den Broek,Campaign Development,DRC ,+243 970 047 001