Greenpeace Response to Resignation of Eskom CEO

Press release - December 5, 2013
Responding to the resignation of Brian Dames, Eskom CEO, Greenpeace Africa said:

Dames’ resignation comes as Eskom limps from crisis to crisis, and at the heart of those is the utility’s stubborn investments in coal-fired electricity generation. Although the utility has taken a few tentative steps into renewable energy, we hope Dame’s replacement will turn those steps into leaps,” said Michael O'Brein Onyeka, Executive Director of Greenpeace Africa.

“A change in leadership is an incredible opportunity for a change in direction too. It’s a chance for Eskom to massively increase renewable energy investments, firing up job creation, ensuring economic growth powered by clean sustainable energy, and securing the country’s energy supply.

"Greenpeace hopes that the new leadership will recognise that true energy security will only be found by moving South Africa away from dated, dirty, and expensive coal and nuclear energy, towards clean and reliable renewable energy.”