Greenpeace congratulates Green Scorpions on exposing Eskom’s environmental crimes

Press release - November 23, 2012
Greenpeace congratulates the Green Scorpions on their exposure of Eskom as the organ of state with the highest rate of non-compliance with environmental legislation. This report adds to the body of evidence already uncovered by Greenpeace on Eskom’s environmental recklessness. It is crucial that all organs of state are held responsible for their activities, and that they comply with all legislation. If Eskom is breaking the law, the utility should be prosecuted.

“Talk is cheap. This report clearly illustrates that Eskom is not committed to anything that is in the best interests of this country. It comes as no surprise that the utility continues to believe that it is above the law, and that transparency and accountability simply do not apply. Section 48 of Nema must be amended so that organs of state are not immune from criminal liability. Eskom must be prosecuted for the reckless damage being created through its activities” stated climate and energy campaigner for Greenpeace Africa, Melita Steele.