Greenpeace response to the arrest of the Russian vessel "Oleg Naydenov" in Senegalese waters

Press release - January 7, 2014
Greenpeace has been made aware of media reports on the arrest of the Russian trawler Oleg Naydenov by Senegalese authorities in response to suspected illegal fishing in the Senegalese EEZ detected by a French military plane on December 23. We have no further information on the arrest or the reasons for it beyond what was reported in the media.

Following the detention of the Russian-flagged trawler the “Oleg Naydenov” by the Senegalese national navy on charges of illegal fishing, Greenpeace reiterates its support to the government of Senegal for the enforcement of fisheries legislation and calls on the President and his government to remain firm on its commitment to put an end to illegal activities by such vessels.

Ahmed Diame, Oceans Campaigner of Greenpeace Africa said: “This particular vessel is well-known to Greenpeace. In February 2012, Greenpeace activists caught this vessel red-handed fishing illegally in Senegal's Exclusive Economic Zone. The vessel was trying to conceal its identity by covering its name. We encourage the Senegalese to continue their efforts to put an end to the plunder of our fragile marine resources. Cooperation and determination are the only ways through which West Africa will eradicate Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishingfor the well-being of its communities and the health of the oceans”.

“Greenpeace is an organization independent from any State and institution. Our independence allows us to criticize wrong initiatives from governments and to support the right decisions as well: on this matter, we aresupportive of any initiative which strengthens the fight against IUU fishing by any government and we denounce any fishing companies involved in such practices, whichever country they come from”, concluded Diame.

Notes to the Editor

  1. Oleg Naydenov was placed on the Greenpeace International Blacklist, a database of vessels engaged in Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) fishing in relation to the incident in 2012: