Greenpeace’s comment on the statement by the Congolese Minister of the Environment

Press release - October 31, 2012
October 30, 2012. Greenpeace welcomes the announcement by the Congolese government to clean up the logging industry. This is a first step towards sustainable use and protection of the Congo Forest. However more needs to be done to ensure control and enforcement of laws governing the World’s second largest rainforest.

This follows the statement by DRC’s Environment Minister Bavon Nsa Mputu, at a press conference on 27th October 2012, and in an interview given to Radio Okapi  on Monday 29th, where he said that illegal permits would be cancelled – in response to calls from stakeholders including Greenpeace.

In its report called Artisanal Logging = Industrial Logging in disguise, Circumvention of the moratorium on industrial logging permits in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Greenpeace showed that the expansion of industrial logging is being disguised as artisanal logging.

Greenpeace calls on the Congolese government to put an end to the culture of impunity in the management of forest resources, cancel illegal permits, enforce control, and publish in a transparent way the information about the sector, for the wellbeing of people, the forest and the climate.



  1. Augustine Kasambule, Media Officer (Forests), Greenpeace Africa, +243998230896
  2. Irene Wabiwa, Forest Campaigner, Greenpeace Africa +243997853171

Notes to the editors

In May, Greenpeace launched a report  : Bypassing the moratorium on the allocation of new  industrial logging concessions in the DRC 'Artisanal Logging' = Industrial Logging in Disguise.

To download the report, please below is the link: