Our Statement on the clashes in Senegal

Press release - January 30, 2012
According to reliable sources, several violent outbreaks occurred last night in Senegal’s capital Dakar and other towns across the country. This follows the announcement by the Constitutional Court that incumbent President Abdoulaye Wade (90 years old) can stand for a third time in the upcoming presidential elections. These events occur when the Senegalese fisheries management is critical.

After the announcement of the Council's decision, thousands of young people are reported to have stormed the streets of Dakar and other inland cities. Clashes with police continued late into the night in Colobane, Fass, Medina, Point E, with one death being reported.

Greenpeace condemns any kind of violence or violent protest and our thoughts are with the victims and families.

These events are coming at a time which sees Senegal at a crossroads: either the country will jeopardize its natural resources and livelihoods for the benefit of few in foreign countries through giving licences to plunder our marine resources or moving onto a pathway of green economic development based on sustainably fishing.

Last week, Greenpeace and over 6000 small-scale fishermen had challenges the future candidates of this presidential election for the development of sustainable and equitable fisheries policies.

Most of Senegal's people depend on fishing – and it's of paramount importance that the current situation does not escalate; otherwise it will affect their livelihoods and give to foreign fleets the opportunity to plunder the Senegalese seas.


Ahmed Diamé, Communications officer, Greenpeace Africa, Senegal Office –

Tel.: +221 77 332 89 93