Ship capsizes in Senegalese Marine Park

Greenpeace Africa calls on the Senegalese government to act quickly to preserve the marine ecosystem

Press release - August 6, 2013
Dakar, August 5, 2013 - Greenpeace Africa calls on the government of Senegal to act swiftly to preserve protect the marine species of the National Park of Madeleine Island, after a Spanish purse seiner capsized in this protected marine area located off the coast of Dakar, and threatens the surrounding ecosystem.

"The main threat is that an enormous amount of fuel is still contained in the tank of the ship. This could leak at any time and pollute the ocean and kill many marine species. In addition, the nets on the ships, once lost, would have a considerable impact on this protected and unique marine ecosystem, "said Ahmed Diamé, a Greenpeace Africa Oceans Campaigner.
Greenpeace demands that this accident be investigated by the authorities, because the area in question is protected and is closed to marine vessels.
Finally Greenpeace calls on the government of Senegal to strengthen its monitoring and surveillance system in its national waters in general, and marine reserves in particular, to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations of shipping off its coast.
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