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Press release - May 28, 2013
Johannesburg, May 29 2013: Greenpeace Africa today, unveiled its new solar electrification project which will power the organisation’s office in Johannesburg on clean renewable energy. The installation which includes over 40 solar panels and an inverter will at its peak generate about 10kwp (kilowatt peak).

South Africa has abundant solar resources that could revolutionize the way energy is produced in the country. This would bring down rocketing energy costs and democratize power production as well as reduce pressure on scare water resources. 

“For a country that is under huge energy pressures and is threatened by increasing water scarcity, South Africans need to be empowered to make optimum use of their abundant renewable energy resources. Encouraging citizens to produce their own power will catalyse a solar roof top revolution,” said Greenpeace Africa Climate & Energy Campaigner Ruth Mhlanga.

A solar roof top revolution is based on decentralised energy systems, meaning that energy does not have to be generated in one giant centre and then transported long distances. It can be generated near the place it is needed, increasing energy efficiency while allowing it to remain under the control of the people who will use it.  Grid tie systems have the advantage of enabling the owners of the system to actually sell power to the grid if they generate excess, creating another source of income for them and creating more energy for the country.

“A solar roof top revolution is possible in South Africa but the government needs to provide an enabling legislation and monetary support that will allow for every roof in South Africa to be used to generate power,” added Mhlanga.

Greenpeace Africa’s solarisation of its office demonstrates that renewable energy deployment is easy, cost effective and can provide true energy security for South Africa. This comes within the backdrop of the recently launched ground-breaking report: Powering the future Renewable Energy roll-out in South Africa, [1]


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