Right Priorities but not enough detail at BASIC meetings

Press release - April 28, 2010
Cape Town, South Africa - As ministers from BASIC (Brazil, South Africa, India and China) closed their meeting today, Greenpeace welcomed their demand for a fair and legally binding deal to save the climate, but urged that far more detail on how to overcome key issues is still needed.

 "Greenpeace is pleased with a number of positive and progressive points that came out of this meeting, particularly with the calls for greater ambition from industrialised countries to tackle the climate crisis” said Themba Linden, Greenpeace Africa, political advisor. “Of particular note is the call for developed countries to commit to greater greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, and provide the finance, technology and capacity building for the most vulnerable countries to tackle the climate crisis."

Protest at BASIC Meeting in Cape Town

Greenpeace activists fly the banner 'Climate change needs BASIC leaders' onboard the vessel Howard Davis.

"Greenpeace is disappointed, however, that there was no greater detail offered about how BASIC countries themselves will support the most vulnerable countries to climate change impacts, in terms of technology or finance, as promised at the last meeting of the bloc in January." Greenpeace is also disappointed that the Ministers did not raise the needed ambition for greenhouse gas emission reductions nor discussed how to overcome the gap between current emission reduction pledges, and the real reductions needed to keep global temperature rise well below 2°C, the limit science tells us is needed to prevent climate chaos.

Greenpeace notes that it expects the BASIC bloc to translate its statements into specific action to move the UN climate negotiations forward. Fundamentally, in the run-up to the next UN Climate Summit in Mexico at the end of the year, urgent progress is needed on producing a workable negotiating text, and on finance.

Greenpeace also noted that greater action is needed by BASIC countries to lead the developing world towards a green, low carbon development pathway.



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