Green jobs - South Africa - 2010 presentation

South African Energy Sector Jobs to 2030.

Publication - August 18, 2010
A presentation on our report "South African energy sector jobs to 2030". Presented by the report's author, Jay Rutovitz, at a Johannesburg press conference on 18 August 2010.


  • The Energy [R]evolutionhas the potential to create more employment than business as usual.
  • Substantial benefit compared to the IEA reference scenario, net increase of 78,000 jobs by 2030 (46,000 in the IEA Reference).
  • Even if SA does not take action to reduce greenhouse gases, coal exports are vulnerable to action elsewhere.
  • Developing a strong renewable sector ‘future proofs’ SA economy; enhanced renewable scenario 56% compared to business as usual.
  • South Africa needs to decide whether to be an importer or an exporter of renewable technology in coming decades.


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