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Land Grabbing Looms: New Palm Oil Plantation Threatens Cameroon's Rainforest

Blog entry by Nasako Besingi | February 25, 2013

This blog was originally published on Huffington Post . It seems strange that I should have to travel thousands of miles to Washington, D.C. to get clarity on the fate of my land and community in Cameroon. But Herakles Farms, the...

Facts on the ground undermine Herakles’ Cameroonian PR offensive

Blog entry by Greg Norman | November 22, 2012

Bruce Wrobel, the CEO of Herakles Farms, has long claimed that his company has a positive presence in Africa. Indeed it seems impossible to pick up a newspaper in the Cameroonian capital Yaoundé without reading about one minor...

How to make forest destruction look like "development"

Blog entry by Frédéric Amiel | September 5, 2012

Bruce Wrobel is a man with his heart in the right place. You see, Bruce is in the agricultural business and he plans to solve the world’s complex food security issues by creating sustainable, community oriented projects. He is the CEO...

Wrong Project, Wrong Place: Palm Oil Plantation Sparks Anger in Cameroon

Blog entry by Filip Verbelen, Greenpeace International | July 25, 2012

Palm oil is the world’s cheapest edible oil being used increasingly by the commercial food industry, and also a key ingredient in some biofuels. Global demand is rocketing and large corporations are seeing it as the next big thing,...

Forest Clearing, Cameroon

Image gallery | November 19, 2012

Children in Yaounde, Cameroon

Image | January 1, 1999 at 16:56

Child looking into camera smiling, with arms outstretched. More children visible in background.

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