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Climate Rescue comes to Cancun

Feature story | November 30, 2010 at 10:57

As governments begin another round of international climate change negotiations today, this time in Cancun, Mexico, we could all do with a lesson from the history of the indigenous Mayan people.

Eskom: Clean Up Your Act!

Feature story | June 27, 2011 at 6:45

Greenpeace Africa activists used three dumper trucks to unload five tonnes of coal in front of the Eskom Megawatt Park offices, effectively blocking one of the entrances to the building with the coal.

"Listen to the people" inside UN climate talks

Blog entry by Mike Baillie | December 9, 2011

Today at the UN climate negotiations in Durban the whispers of polluting companies were drowned out by the  roar  of the crowd demanding governments “ Listen to the people not the polluters !”  As the talks draw to a close in the...

School Children Roar for Climate Courage

Blog entry by Caroline Chisholm | December 7, 2011

Almost 1,500 children gathered on the beach in Durban today to form a human aerial of a lion, to send a message to the leaders of COP17: show some courage for the climate. The inspriration of artist John Quigley , the image was...

Santa Disrupts Hasbro's Christmas Toy Preview

Blog entry by Jamie Woolly | July 14, 2011

It's July so the last thing any sane person will be thinking about is Christmas. Not so for those in the toy business because, with only 165 shopping days to go, they're looking ahead to the festive season. Take Hasbro, for instance...

Suspended Jail Sentences for Peaceful Climate Protesters

Blog entry by EoinD | March 18, 2011

A Belgian court today gave ten Greenpeace activists a suspended one month jail sentence and fine for taking part in a climate action there in December 2009. This conviction is out of proportion to their peaceful protest, and an...

Cairn Obtains Legal Interdict: ‘Twitter Ban’ and 'Gagging Order' for Greenpeace

Blog entry by bex | July 20, 2011

In its latest move to cover up the truth about its Arctic drilling, Cairn Energy has obtained an extraordinary, wide-ranging legal interdict (injunction) against us, gagging us from posting Tweets and Facebook updates containing photos...

BREAKING: Polar Bears occupy Cairn's HQ

Blog entry by bex | July 18, 2011

Update:  Cairn gets legal 'gagging order', requiring some Facebook & Twitter updates from our polar bear action be removed. A few moments ago, fifty polar bears entered Cairn Energy's Edinburgh headquarters and occupied it. Their...

The Ball is in Eskom's Court

Blog entry by Michael Baillie | June 28, 2011

When we went to Eskom headquarters yesterday , what we wanted to do was highlight the fact that coal kills, and call on Eskom to stop construction on Kusile and start investing in renewable energy instead. Until they change course,...

Activists Arrested and Pod Captured -- But this is Not the End!

Blog entry by Ben Stewart | June 2, 2011

Last night climbers working for the Danish navy broke into our pod suspended from the Cairn Energy oil rig in the Arctic seas off Greenland. The two Greenpeace activist climbers in the pod were then arrested. Hannah and Luke had...

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