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I was part of the action

Blog entry by Cristina Benavides | December 12, 2011

Sunday night I scrambled to scan my passport and write down my emergency contact number, then practiced inflating a pig attached to a backpack. One wonders why, on a Sunday, I was involved in such odd activities. Well, the...

While they negotiate, we continue with operation business unusual

Blog entry by Nobuhle Luthuli | December 12, 2011

It is quite evident that the 17 years of policy drafting are insufficient for a united agreement against climate change.  Today is the last day of the COP17 conference and we still hear statements like “we will consider being subject...

COP17: The Experience So Far

Blog entry by Cristina Benavides | December 8, 2011

As I lay in my sleeping bag, listening to the rain pound on my tent, I thought about what I had gone through in less than a month and felt I could write a whole lifetime story. Just a few weeks ago, I was sitting in my living room...

The Environmental Movement: Greater Than Us Individuals

Blog entry by Cristina Benavides | December 8, 2011

Last week I attended a Latin American youth meeting at the International Conference Centre here in Durban. Although English is my first language and my day to day medium of communication, I was surprisingly very comfortable to be...

The Conference Of The Youth

Blog entry by Nasreen Khan | December 5, 2011

Extreme weather conditions had "welcomed” delegates to the United Nations Climate Conference (COP17) being held here in Durban, for those who arrived last week, instead of experiencing the much talked about Durban sun, they endured...

Sharing Ideas On Global Warming

Blog entry by Vivek Rampersand | December 2, 2011

Delegates from Africa, Europe, India and China this week had an opportunity to share experience and exchange ideas on the contentious subject of global warming. I attended the meeting, which took part on the side-lines COP17. ...

COP 17 Day 2: Say No to the Tar Sands

Blog entry by Cristina Benavides | December 2, 2011

Yesterday was the first day of the COP 17 UN climate negotiations here in Durban, South Africa. I was able to briefly experience the negotiation room full of our world delegates and it was pretty powerful to see so many countries...

Need For Urgency In Addressing Climate Change

Blog entry by Nasreen Khan | December 1, 2011

When I arrived at the venue for COP17, the first thing that caught my attention was the overflowing information that was exhibited at the Climate Change Response Expo. It encompassed more than 100 exhibitors, showcasing innovative...

Young activists speak out against climate change at COP17

Blog entry by Vivek Rampersad | November 25, 2011

Meet the first of the young Greenpeace enthusiasts from around the world, the Green Reporters, who have come to COP17 to offer themselves as a two-way microphone for the common global youth voice who demand “It’s Our Future, Use...

Still Hope For An Agreement

Blog entry by Nobuhle Luthuli | December 12, 2011

Today (Sat, 10) is the last day of the COP17 in my home city, Durban. It has been two weeks of meetings, media releases and side events. Days have passed by, but progress is lagging behind with regards to the signing or a committing to...

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