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Durban Climate Talks: SA Must Show Leadership

Feature story | November 27, 2011 at 13:14

On the eve of the latest round of climate talks in Durban, Greenpeace declares that it is time for our Governments to listen to the people, and not the polluters.

The Island States Occupy COP17

Blog entry by Monica Davies | December 2, 2011

Today, what has so far been a rather barren Occupy COP17 movement was joined at Speaker’s Corner outside the ICC by some exotic delegates who had a message for the people and for the policymakers. Delegates from the Caribbean and...

Panama Climate Talks: The Pressure is On For COP17 and South Africa

Blog entry by Ferrial Adam | October 10, 2011

The UNFCCC talks in Panama ended on Friday 07 October 2011. The talks did not deliver any major surprises as was expected for this very-low-expectations-technical-meeting. An outcome of Panama is that we now have a draft text that...

It’s the final countdown…

Blog entry by Melita Steele | December 11, 2010

Last night was the second last night of COP 16, and it didn’t end before 3am. The issues have been escalated to the highest level – which means that the ministers themselves are working bi-laterally and in groups to try to find...

What is really at stake?

Blog entry by Melita Steele | December 6, 2010

It’s now the morning of day 6 of the climate negotiations in Cancun – Saturday is just a normal working day for everyone here. The good news is that the terrible traffic congestion has disappeared (it actually only lasted for one day),...

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