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By asking the South African government to increase its renewable energy ambitions, you are helping to build a brighter, greener future for the people of South Africa.

Renewable energy makes sense for many reasons:

  1. It's great for job creation
  2. Renewable energy would help tackle climate change
  3. Investing in renewables would jump-start new industries
  4. Using renewable energy would mean a clean and safe energy future

Did you know?

The amount of solar energy that reaches the planet in one year is double the energy contained in all the Earth's coal, oil and gas resources combined. And wind poer already supplies 2.5% of the world's electricity demand.

Which makes you wonder - why aren't we using the sun and wind more in South Africa?

These resources are just begging to be used more and need government to give them a decent chance.

Sign our petition to ask government to double its renewable energy ambitions.


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