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We have three main campaigns in Africa: tackling climate change, stopping the looting of the continent’s fish and saving the forests.

Tackling climate change 

Let’s not beat about the bush. All these threats are serious, but climate change might just be the biggest threat mankind has ever faced, particularly in Africa. Africans aren’t responsible for climate change; the industrial nations are the worst offenders. But it is Africans who will pay the steepest price.

The energy sector is the worst offender, creating almost 66 percent of all greenhouse gases. Yet in South Africa, where the government is faced with a major energy supply problem, their answer seems to be the building of more coal-fired energy stations, a 'solution' which only serves to worsen the problem.

Greenpeace is locked in a desperate struggle to change people’s minds, especially the minds of the country’s leaders. We need to change the view that nuclear power is a cheap and effective solution to our energy problems -- it's not. We want to start a revolution in the thinking around energy, promoting the use of renewable energy sources, and saving the continent and creating jobs in the process.

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Saving the forests

In central Africa, the rainforests in the Congo Basin provide the livelihood for 40 million people. These communities depend on the forests for their food, their medicines, as well as the materials used to build their homes. Additionally, this region is home to 270 species of mammals, among them the endangered gorillas, Bonobo and chimpanzees. The okapi and forest elephant are just two of the 39 species of animals found only here. These forests aren’t being protected for the people living here, they’re being destroyed.

Now Greenpeace is working locally and internationally to protect this special environment before it is too late. Called 'Forests for Climate', the initiative will teach the world how it can make financial sense to leave the forests as they are, rather than chopping them up forever.

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Protecting our oceans and their ressources

Off the west coast of Africa, the battleground is underwater. African governments have been selling the right to fish in their waters to hi-tech, foreign industrial fleets. The hope is that increased fish production will help local economies by providing more jobs, more money and more food.

However, in the almost total absence of monitoring, control, surveillance and management plans, too many fish are taken from African waters.

Over-fishing is emptying the seas faster than nature can replenish it, threatening the food security of hundreds of millions of people.

Greenpeace is campaigning to stop the theft of fish from African seas and to develop viable alternatives to overfishing, that will help develop a sustainable, locally operated and financed fishing industry. 

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