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The Rooftop Revolution is the Energy Solution!

In the midst of a crushing electricity crisis, Greenpeace considers it a right of every South African to produce their own power, and to feed extra electricity into the grid and get paid for it as a long-term energy solution.

This means being permitted to put solar panels onto rooftops and connecting to a decentralized energy system, where energy can be generated near the place where it is needed. This would have a double impact of increasing energy efficiency, while allowing electricity production to finally be in the control of the people who need it.

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Putting power back into people’s hands

In South Africa we are blessed with plenty of sunshine: almost twice as much as most of the countries (like Germany) who are the champions in solar rooftop installations. So you may ask “Where are we in terms of the solar rooftop race?” Well to be honest, we are nowhere close, we haven’t even really started.

What is holding us back? The answer is pretty simple: we don’t have supportive regulations, which means that across the country, it’s not exactly legal to install solar panels, reduce your electricity consumption and feed extra electricity into the grid.

After months of delays, the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) and the Department of Energy have (still) not come out with supportive regulations, which will make it legal for people who install solar panels onto their roof to feed electricity back into the grid. This is clearly stalling our growth as a global Solar Champion!

So if you believe that it’s time to put the power back into people’s hands, sign the petition to demand that NERSA and the Department of Energy releases an effective and supportive regulation framework to incentivize the solar PV market in South African. These regulations are critical to ensure that all South Africans can contribute towards solving the electricity crisis, while benefitting from producing their own electricity.

“The Rooftop Revolution = Energy Solution”

This week Greenpeace is asking "solar champions", people in South Africa who have taken the step to go solar, to show-off their solar installation. Check out their fabulous "Solar-Selfies"!

We will be showcasing these solar champs at South Africa's International Renewable Energy Conference (SAIREC) this weekend in Cape Town.

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